What Is IPTV?

In the simpliest of explanations, IPTV is television streamed over the internet.  Instead of cable boxes or satellite dishes, the user uses a streaming device that plugs in to their televisions HDMI port.  By using this method of streaming you are still able to watch your favorite cable channels, TV shows, sporting events and more.  as long as you have a broadband internet connection and an internet enabled streaming device, you have everything you need in order to watch iptv.

Why choose iptv?

Stop paying hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in cable bills!! Bills that over time usually increase in price for no valid reason.  Cable providers think you have no other options but with top flight streams you do.  every channel that you ever wanted, but couldn’t get in your current providers package, you get with iptv from top flight streams.  A bonus is they are all streamed in HD(high definition).   

top flight streams puts you in control!

 Plug and play technology

 pay as you go – month to month service

 no long term commitments necessary

 no activation fees

 no cancellation fees

 no late fees

 no credit check

 professional support



 We offer a free 24 hour trial Monday – Friday(No Weekends).  No credit card needed!

Free 24 Hour Trial



We have all the sports packages!  NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice and all PPV events.  Along with those we also have all ESPN channels, Fox Sports, TSN, NBC Sports Network, WWE Network and the list goes on.  

**The premium sports packages are only available on day and time of their respective games**

HD Channels

We offer a wide variety of HD channels from the USA, the UK, Canada and more!!


Video On Demand

Enjoy 1080p and 4K movies and TV shows instantly!  Our VOD library is updated on a daily basis.



Our support staff is always ready to help 24/7 through our Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger.

Server Stability

No more buffering, freezing or stuttering.  Our services are hosted on some of the most powerful platforms in the streaming industry.



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