We have been involved in the “cord-cutting” scene for a handful of years.  During our involvement we have seen many apps and services come and go.  We are not in the business to make a quick dollar, like a lot of other people.  We pride ourselves on great customer service and tech support before, during and even after the sale. 



We will never sell the unreliable and unstable Kodi TV add-ons that many box sellers add and fail to support once they stop working.  Our programs are time tested and if updates are needed can be done by you, the user, with a couple clicks of a button while following one of our tutorials from our Tutorials page.



Every device we sell and/or program is set up and organized so that it is very user friendly.  We encourage you to do your research before making a purchase and you won’t be disappointed.  Be confident that you are buying from someone with years of experience in this industry.