Reseller Information

People often ask us if they can sell our service.  Top Flight Streams is currently looking for resellers for our Top Flight Streams 2 service.  We invite you to sell our service under your own brand.




Resellers are responsible for creating their own brand with graphics, logos, pictures, a website and/or any other marketing materials they think they may need.  They must obtain their own customer base or convert their existing one over to us.  Along with creating subscriptions they will also maintain and manage their own subscribers.  It is recommended, but not mandatory, that resellers be familiar with how to setup devices and connections so they can assist their own subscribers.



What We Give You

We keep resellers updated on service updates, removals and outages.  All resellers get their own resellers panel which allows you to create and manage all your subscriptions.  We also utilize a Discord channel to communicate back and forth between each other and other resellers on our service.




Resellers purchase credits from us and then resell those credits in the form of service subscriptions to their customers.  Our service has a base package of 1 month with 1-2 connections for 3 credits.  That is the minimum amount that can be sold to a customer for a month subscription.  You have the option to upgrade the customer to 5 connections for another 3 credits and you can also add VOD to their package for another 3 credits.  For example,  a 1 month subscription with 5 connections and VOD would take 9 credits to activate.  We sell 3 credits for $1.  There are options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  The connections are NOT IP locked and can be used at different locations.  A minimum of $50 is required to signup.  If you are interested in bigger packages or in becoming a super subseller and signing up your own resellers we can accommodate that as well.  We are only an email away for more info!